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Goodleaf Wellness Company is a labor of love for natural kratom enthusiasts. Our founder Zee Mithwani started this journey several years back when he was introduced to this amazing natural herbal supplement. He felt that although kratom was available at that time, the research, knowledge, quality, variety of strains, and consistency were lacking. And thus, the journey began, where he would personally travel to Indonesia to find the most reliable suppliers to source the best kratom he could find.

Today, Goodleaf Wellness Company offers its fellow kratom enthusiasts a one stop shop retail location. Here we offer one of the widest selections of kratom strains available in 500g and 1000g vacuum sealed UV protected packages. We also carry smaller packs of powder and capsules with several top brands. Visit to our store is not complete unless you try our Kratom Brewed Tea, our best seller. It is brewed to perfection using technique which has been perfected over the years. Come visit us and discover a natural oasis of Goodness, at Goodleaf Wellness.

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